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Tyler charles


What are the symptoms of pink eye in infants?

I find my baby's eyes is red, Is that mean pink eyes? What are symptoms of pink eye in infants?
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  • Justin


    Infants with pink eye will have green or yellow discharge from their eyes and the white parts of their eyes and lower rim of either of his eyelids will turn red. They will also have some goopy things in their eyes which make them hard to keep the eyes open. Pink eye happens when an infection, an allergen, or some other irritant inflames the transparent membrane covering the whites of the eyes and the inside of the eyelids.
  • Connor scott


    When your baby is infected, after a few hours or 1-6 days, your baby will have the disease, which is manifested as tearing, burning eyes, having foreign body sensation, having a lot of mucus or purulent discharge. The baby who have pink eye is often difficult to open eyes in the morning, and the eyes are swollen, with congestion. But in general, it will not affect vision. You should let your baby eat more vegetables, fresh fruit and other food supplement. Once your baby have this disease, the towel, handkerchief and basin which used by your baby should be sterilized by boiling, and prepare their personal wash utensils.
  • Christian


    The common symptoms of pink eye include redness,swelling,watery eyes and itching which will make infants be fussy or inconsolable. There are some types of pink eye. It is always caused by bacterial or viral infection, allergies or irritants. Pink eye symptoms vary based on your baby and the cause of the infection. For example, if it is caused by allergies, your baby may have runny nose and the eyes will be swollen. Some will also cause your baby to be sensitive to bright light. In everyday life, you should pay much attention to the cleanliness, usually washing your baby's hands with mild soap. Generally speaking, pink eye will recover within a week.