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Do polarized sunglasses cause headaches?

Have you worn polarized sunglasses? Did you feel headaches? I feel headaches when i wear polarized sunglasses. Is it caused by polarized sunglasses?
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  • george


    Polarized sunglasses are most popular among people because of their outstanding ability to prevent any ultra violet and blue light to filter in easily. Some people wearing polarized sunglasses suffered from severe headaches and nausea because of the incident of wearing polarized lenses at the time of the ache. One of the reasons that a person might experience headaches while wearing polarized sunglasses is that the polarized screens and coatings on the lenses are only meant for use while outdoors. A person who wear their polarized lenses indoors as well as outdoors, are bound to experience headaches, as suitable amount of light does not penetrate through the lens, which produces a strained effect on the eyes. Another reason is the purchase and use of low quality polarized sunglasses which do not offer efficient protection from the ultra violet and blue light. These lenses do not filter the light completely, which results in the penetration of harmful sunlight through the lenses. The low quality polarized lenses also have uneven application of the polarization coating, which affects the vision of an individual, and poses strain which results in headaches. The defected lens of the sunglasses could also be a possible reason for the resultant headaches of wearing polarized lenses. Some individuals who view screens of different electrical devices which have special coatings, like laptops and tablets etc., might also experience nausea and headaches.
  • William Villanueva


    This may be late but I also get headaches from polarized sunglasses. I had a pair of Raybans and my headache went away when I took them off. I was in the sun (this happened a few times) and I started getting a major pressure headache and once I took them off, my headache started going away. I think their may be a connection between polarized sunglasses and headaches. The glasses fit perfectly and they actually felt like I wasn't wearing anything, so it wasn't discomfort from the glasses. Short-term is fine but when it comes to long-term, my head starts to hurt.
  • Thomas keith


    Well, generally speaking, it can lead to headache unless you are not accustomed to your polarized sunglasses. Nowadays, polarized sunglasses are very popular with the people who work outdoor. Because of the special design and perfect material, they can block 100% of glare. And this function can just reduce eyestrain in your eyes. Also, by wearing polarized sunglasses, when you go outside, it will just protect your eyes from uv rays and strong sunlight. Anyway, it can be beneficial for you.
  • Jeff


    Yes, I have worn the polarized sunglasses when I go fishing and drive because the lenses can prevent the strong lights for me and make me see more clearly. If you wear the polarized sunglasses inner room, you will feel the headache because of the filament lamp. You should wear it outside. However, you should check the realness of the sunglasses.
  • canttouchthis90


    Usually wearing polarized sunglasses is very good to eyes. I have a pair of polarized sunglasses too. I usually wear them when I was driving. Actually I didn't develop any headaches because of wearing the polarized sunglasses. In the contrary, I found they are pretty good. They could reduce glare from water, snow, glass and so on. They could prevent 90% ultraviolet and polarized light. Yet at the same time, they wouldn't darken the whole vision field, so I could see clearer with polarized sunglasses. Other ordinary sunglasses would prevent the ultraviolet light and polarized light. The conventional glasses just make your vision dimmer, yet this can be hazardous. Frankly speaking, qualified polarized sunglasses won't cause any headache problems. Yet unqualified ones might cause headache, blurry vision and eye strain. I am afraid that you need to confirm whether your polarized sunglasses are qualified or not. Wearing sunglasses of bad quality can't help prevent damages but bring damages. Hope you can find out the proper sunglasses.