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Can dehydration cause double vision?

I just feel a little dry of my eyes. And latter i feel double vision. Can dehydration cause double vision?
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  • Ethan


    Yeah, the dehydration will cause the double vision for a while if you don't treat it immediately. When your eyes lack of water because of the overuse of eyes or the unhealthy habit of eating, your eyes will feel dry which may increase your eye pressures that are the main reasons for your double vision. You should take notice of it.
  • chrissyonline


    Well, indeed, yes. Sometimes if your eyes get much too dry, or as you put it, dehydration, could results in some uncomfortable feelings such as double vision,or unclear vision. So, you gotta figure out the possible reasons why you got dry eyes? Have you been wearing contacts or using your eyes too much, or sometime else? If you did, you gotta find some ways to fix them. And as to the cause of your double vision, it is said that if the eyes are not moist enough, some unusual things will happen, people tend to see things not so clear and may have double vision. Anyway, hope you healthy vision.