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Can lifting weights cause eye floaters?

Will lifting weights cause eye floaters? Why? Someone can explain for me?
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  • green


    Well, I mean, does your work involve lifting heavy things? Or you just occasionally lift things. As a matter of fact, if a person continually lift heavy things from time to time, there is possibility that he might develop eye floaters. Because excessive labor work, plus insufficient rest, will give rise to physical disorders, which are likely to cause eye floaters. Generally speaking, eye floaters is a sign of your health condition, if you find yourself with eye floaters, you really have to do something about it, better yet, go to see a doctor. Best wishes.
  • Michelle


    If your eye floaters are diagnosed to be caused by the weights lifting from a doctor, there must be caused by the sweat which flowing into your eyes when you exert your strength. The amount of acid sweat may let your eyes get infection. You'd better have a good rest for your eyes and not lift weights any more.