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Why do celebrities wear sunglasses all the time?

I saw many celebrities wear sunglasses all the time, even in cloudy days. Why? Are they trying to be cool?
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  • Geoff


    If you ask those celebrities why, most of them may say that is to protect their eyes from the sun and some might claim that their eyes get very sensitive from all the flashes from the cameras, while, that is not really true. The real reason for celebrities wear sunglasses simply for the desire to appear stylish and be cool. And if you wanna looks cool with sunglasses, I can suggest some website about sunglasses as follows:
  • Joan


    Actually, as you can see,celebrities often wear sunglasses in the public. So, there must be some reasons why they always do this. To be honest, they are always trying to keep a low profile in their personal life, I believe nobody can suffer constant harassment from the paparazzi or fans right? By wearing sunglasses , they are not easily to be recognized by the others. Also, people with sunglasses will be looking more mysterious, Lady Gaga is a good example. And by wearing sunglasses, they will feel comfortable.
  • equine_world


    The main purpose of wearing sunglasses is to prevent your eyes from the uv and strong sunlight because of the special coating part outside. Another purpose of sunglasses is to make you look cool, as the accessory. That is why a lot of celebrities wear them all the time. fashionable sunglasses will make you look cool and personal.

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