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Can you get a stye from crying?

Will crying too much causes stye? I saw my eyes swollen after crying. IS that stye?
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  • Miranda clark


    Generally speaking,after crying eyes will be red and swollen. This is because the blood vessels around the eyes are suffered extrusion and then cause congestion. But this situation is not stye. Stye is a kind of eye disease which cause by acute pyogenic infection. Thought it is true that some people would catch the eye disease after a cry. This is because the eyes are wet and blood vessels become expansion and vulnerable after crying, at this time, dust, bacteria are more easily to invade and then cause hordeolum. if your eyes become red and swollen after crying, you can put a towel with cold water or ice milk on your eyes for few minutes to help you release the symptom. If things does not get better, instead, the eyes have itching, swelling or some others symptom, it mean to that your eyes are infected with bacteria and you had better to go to the hospital.
  • Jaime


    No, the swollen eyes after the crying are not the stye. The stye is the acute suppurative inflammation caused by the staphylococcus infection in blepharitis gland and meibomian gland. However, one of the symptoms of getting stye is crying continuously, with no control by the tear gland system. If you get such symptom, you'd better go to see the doctor.