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Benjamin gary


Can rubbing my eyes cause glaucoma?

Will rubbing eyes cause glaucoma? Why not why not? Your answer will be appreciated.
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  • Michelle leonard


    Generally speaking, rubbing eyes will not directly lead to glaucoma or other serious eye disease. But, I gotta say, rubbing eyes too much, too frequently, will be a indirect source of glaucoma. Because your hands are constantly exposed to different dirty things, and by rubbing eyes with dirty hands, your eyes are likely to get various types of bacteria, which will, in the worst situation, give rise to glaucoma. So, you should give up that bad habbit, ok? Just pay more attention to every little thing.
  • hall


    Generally speaking, rubbing eyes will not directly cause glaucoma, but if you rub your eyes ofter will easily causes conjunctivitis, and the conjunctivitis will cause glaucoma directory. So rub the eyes is one of the secondhand causes. Other bad habits such as smoking and drinking, daily life variable, the irregular diet, moodiness and so on will cause glaucoma indirect too. So you should pay more attention to the eye heath and ensure have a good living habit.
  • cap081291


    Yes, too much rubbing eyes may cause the glaucoma. Glaucoma is a kind of optic nerve damage. This disease is made of many optic nerve fibers. When the pressure inside the eye increases, it can cause nerve fiber to be damaged and visual field defects. The early and mild visual field defects are often difficult to be found, which can lead to the blindness.