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How to adjust to multifocal contact lenses?

I bought a pair of multifocal contact lenses. But i am not get used to it and feel inconvenient. Can you tell me how to adjust to multifocal contact lenses soon?
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  • Kristy Prince


    Multifocal contact lenses could help you to view objects both in short-term and long-term distances. They allows light in through different lens prescriptions located on the contact lenses. However, most wearers experience a period of discomfort and object confusion when they first begin to wear these types of contacts. It need give your brain some time to get used to this new way of seeing objects. The best way to adjust to them is wearing them at all times during the day, which could help your brain's adjustment process. Continued exposure of sight through these lenses lets your brain learn how to adjust to them.
  • elpropio


    The person who first wearing contact lenses may have dry feeling, photophobia, short near vision fuzzy, foreign body sensation or other symptoms. if the circumstances are not serious and duration is shorter, then they are normal physiological reaction. Generally, after a short period of adaptive phase, the symptoms will disappear naturally. But if you eyes become red or have eyes itch, you should take off the lense or check you eyes if it is needed. If you wear the lense for the first time, you should gradually extended wear time in order to avoid lack of oxygen suddenly. The first day 2-4 hours, every day after extend 2 hours, but not longer than 12 hours. switch to frame glasses 1 or 2 days every week. What is more, do not drive car or do severe sports at the early wearing period.
  • cthier


    If you are the fresh wearer, you'd better base on the wearing time, with first day two hours, second day four hours, third day six hours, fourth day eight hours and fifth day ten hours. During this time, you'd better keep on doing eye exercises and regular outdoor sports. Then you can see whether you still feel the discomfort in your eyes.