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Can legally blind people wear contacts?

I wonder if a legally blind person wears contact lenses. Why or why not ?
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  • Joseph


    well, of course, people who are legally blindness can wear contact lenses. and generally speaking, there are contact lenses which are specially designed for people who are legally blindness. and you should know that And legal blindness does not mean that a person cannot see at all. People who are legally blind often have some vision, but their field of vision may be very narrow or blurry. Or they may have blind spots that glasses cannot correct. all of these problems can be solved by wearing contact lenses. anyway, you can console it with your doctor.
  • handril


    The person with legally blindness should better not wear the contact lenses because the contact lenses will make the eyes become dry and make the symptom of the legally blindness become serious. You'd better not wear the contact lenses which at the same time will increase your possibility of getting infection. In order to protect your eyes, you who are with the legally blindness should better not wear the contact lenses.

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