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What level of screen brightness is best for eyes?

I always think my screen is too bright for my eyes but sometimes if I adjust the brightness, I will find it is difficult for me to see clearly. What on earth is the proper screen brightness for eyes?
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  • Danielle lewis


    It depends on individual condition to set the proper screen brightness for each person. And different monitors will have different screen brightness when they are set the same number. If it is a new monitor, then it usually is ok to set between 60% to 75% (180-220 CD/M2). A common way to tell whether the screen brightness is fine for you is to look directly at the screen when it is white, and if you do not feel dazzling when you have looked at it for a few minutes, then it is the proper screen brightness for you. You can go to the professional computer after-sales department and ask them to help your adjust the proper screen brightness for you. And also remember that you should open a lamp near your computer when you are using it at night, because watching computer at night in dark environment will be very harmful for your eyes.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    You can minimize the brightness of the screen while turning up the contrast. If you just reduce the brightness, it may be too blurred for you to see the images clearly. So you should make sure that there is enough contrast between blacks and whites on the screen, for your eyes will be very uncomfortable when distinguishing different items. Adjusting brightness and contrast is not enough to protect your eyes. Keeping a certain distance from the screen is necessary. 18 to 30 inches far is ok. The screen should stay a little lower than your eye level. You should wipe your screen with a piece of cloth sprayed with anti-static solution to eliminate electrostatic particles that will push dust to your eyes.
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