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What color contacts would suit me?

I have very big brown eyes, so do you guys know that what color contacts will suit me well?
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  • John clark


    When you are choosing a pair of color contacts, you should take your skin tone and hair color into consideration. Some people will simply choose the color they like, but the color will be not ideally suitable for them. So, I suggest you not to choose color contacts according to your preference. If you have black hair, color contacts with lighter shades such as grey or blue will fit for you. If you have brown hair, you should choose the color hazel. For dark skin tone, honey and autumn with bright glow, or cool colors like misty grey and amethyst are best choice. For fair skin, blues, greys, turquoise and Carrabin aqua are highly recommended. What is more important, you should have your eyes tested by a professional before you buy color contacts.
  • Rick Johnson


    It depends on what style you want to be. In fact, i think brown eyes is beautiful. Why you wear color contact lenses to cover it? If you have blond hair and fine skin, you can try some blue or green colored contact lenses to enhance your look. If you have dark or brown hair with dark skin, you can try, black colored contact lenses or hazel colored contact lenses to compliment you. Hope this can help you.
  • Joshua?


    Generally speaking, people whose eye color is brown had better not wear those too bright-colored contacts in case of making the eye color look too abrupt.The colors of black, grey, and tapestry red are the most common colors of color contacts for brown-eye people. If your skin happens to be white, then you can wear grey-colored contacts to serve as a foil to your skin color. If you want to look more conspicuous, you can try a pair of blue-colored contacts which are quite suitable for the active occasions such as parties. The color of black or other deep colors can make you look spirited.