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What to eat when you have an eye infection?

My daughter seems to get an eye infection recently. I am so worried about her. What should she eat in this situation?
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  • Matthew baker


    I didn't find that any food that can treat eye infection, you shall apply some anti-inflammation eye drops to her eyes so as to help her. But there are some food you shall avoid to help the recover of eyes. For example, she shall not eat food contain too much garlic, pepper and hot pepper because it is likely to make your eye infection more worse. Also, you can make an elderberry blossom tea and use it as eyewash that can help the infected eyes.
  • Danai P.


    Take it easy, you should make out whether your daughter has gotten an eye infection. Symptoms of eye infection include increasing redness of the eye or eyelids, pain in the eye, eye discharge, watery eyes, dry eyes, light sensitivity, swollen eyes, swelling around the eyes, itching, blurred or decreased vision. And there are many different types of eye infections caused by different factors. Now that you suspect an eye infection your daughter is suffering, why not take her to the eye doctor for a thorough examination? Trying to diagnose your daughter's condition on your own can delay effective treatment and harm her sight in serious case, although most eye infections can resolve with minimal or no treatment. Foods rich of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E such as livers, eggs, milk, carrots, spinaches, leek, sweet potatoes, cucumber, cabbages and dates are good for eyes. You can cook salmon, krill, cod and tuna for your daughter to supplement essential fish oil, which also benefits eyes much.
  • Jean Caster


    First of all, she should stop eating any kind of spicy or greasy foods in case of irritating her eyes again. Eat those foods that are easily to be digested and absorbed such as milk, dairy foods, fish. Eat more vegetables and fruits abundant in vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B which are quite good for the eyes. Also, she can take in some cod-liver oil everyday, as well as carrots and animal livers, so as to add vitamin E for her eyes. Pay attention to let her get adequate sleep and rest instead of using the eyes too much.
  • Donna Kelly


    I have had an eye infection for months with antibiotic TX. I have just recently seen an opthomologist and now I on another antibiotic for 1 week. I don't think they understand the complexity if this matter. I am very uncomfortable..My tears just roll down my face and my eyes itch and burn probably from me wiping the tears and getting irritated. What concerns me is that this has been going on for4 months with no relief