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Katelyn smith


Why do my eyes hurt the day after i cry?

Do you guys know why my eyes hurt after I cry? Does that mean I am suffering from some kind of disease?
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  • enriquejacob


    This phenomenon is natural and does not indicate eye diseases. When you are crying, you are likely to rub your eyes very hard. The dirt may enter your eyes at this process and cause irritation. Your eyelash can also slip in your eyes when you are rubbing your eyes and thus cause the painful sensation. So, you should check if there is foreign object in your eyes and then get it out by rinsing your eyes. In addition, the salt or dirt left by tears as a residue will further irritate the eyes and make one feel painful. After you cry, the tears will evaporate on the surface of your eyes. This will give you a burning but harmless feeling. The strain caused by crying may also cause the pain in the eyes.
  • Jade james


    It is quite normal that the eyes will hurt after people cry, especially when people cry bitterly. This is because that when people are crying, the optical muscles have to apply much more energy than normal so as to make the tears come out, thus making the muscles easily get tired, which can lead to eye pain. In addition, after people cry, there will be much residue left inside the eyes when the tears get dry. The residue contains much salt and dirt which can easily irritate the eyes.