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Michelle percy


What causes scar tissue in the eye?

This morning when I looked into the mirror, I found that there was scar tissue in my eye. What causes that? Is it serious?
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  • Catherine lewis


    Once the skin is damaged, scar tissue will replace normal skin tissue. Your eye must have suffered from certain damage such as a slight scratch, conjunctivitis, or a skin condition like acne or a fungal infection. You should go to hospital to consult an experienced eye doctor for a thorough examination and receive a prompt treatment.
  • Eric Zago


    The scar tissue in your eyes can be caused by infection or trama which leaves scar on the skin around your eyes. Or it can be caused by the surgery of removing eye hemangiom or eye hydatoncus. During the process of the skin agglutination, the mechanism of the collagen synthesis and metabolism lhas lost the normal control and stays in a state of hyperfunction, which leads to the hyperplasia of the collagenous fiber, thus the scar tissue comes out. It is not serious except that the scar tissue impact the facial appearance. You should do good sunscreen to prevent the scar tissue from getting irritated by the ultraviolet rays in the sunshine. And you should keep a healthy diet and eat moderate amount of high-protein foods. Besides, lavender essential oil and vitamin E can be helpful in reducing the scar tissue.

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