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Does crying increase eye pressure?

Is it possible to increase the eye pressure if i cry too much? Can anyone here explain it to me?
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  • Ryan warren


    Yes, it is possible for you to increase the eye pressure if you cry too much which will be bad for your eyes health. Although we know that crying once at little amount will be good for your eyes because of the gland system which can help you get rid of the bacterium in the eyes, crying too much will make your eyes dry which will cause other eye problems. When the lower eyelid skin is flabby, you blink eyes often or you lose turns muscle without enough power oppression lacrimal sac, you may have tears. The tears should not be into the nasal cavity which is caused by the lacrimal duct jam. The tears can be divided into two kinds. The first type is the cold tears. You will have red eyes. If you often tear and the tears are not treated and the time is long, you will make the eye dim. The second kind of tears will make your eyes have redness and swelling pain,. The tears may let you become sticky at the eyes which may cause other eye problems. The eye pressure will be increased suddenly. You'd better not cry a lot which may cause many eye problems.
  • Kristin


    Well, as you can see, it is true that soemtimes crying could give rise to higher eye pressure, because as you can see, when we try to cry, we would shed tears with the help of higher eye pressure otherwise these tears would not get out of our eyes. And according to a lot of cases, this explanation is true. So, if you have got glaucoma, you should try to avoid crying because higher eye pressure would make your situation worse.
  • charmed83


    Well, yes, crying too much can lead to high eye pressure. As we know that if you cry too much, it can just change your emotion. And then your blood pressure will be high. In that way, your eye pressure will turn high too. On the other hand, you should know that high eye pressure is kind of dangerous for it can lead to some other eye diseases, such as the red eyes and bloodshot. To treat it, you can sip fluids all the time. By sipping small amounts of fluids constantly, it will control your eye pressure. Also, some eye drops, such as beta blockers or carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can be effective too. But for your situation, you need control your emotion and do not cry too much.

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