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Why do my eyelashes keep breaking

What makes my eyelashes keep breaking? What can i do to stop it?
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  • bell


    Do your eyelashes break massively? If not, this condition is normal because everyone loses eyelashes every day. If so, you should pay attention to it. The reason for breaking eyelashes is deficiency in vitamin, so you should raise the level of them in your body by eating food with great amount of various vitamins, or using multi vitamin tonic. Putting olive oil on your eyelashes before you fall asleep every night will stop your eyelashes from breaking and at same time make them more beautiful. Do you use mascara? There is also possibility that you are allergic to the mascara. If you use mascara, stop using it for some days to give your eyelashes time to recover. Then change better mascara.
  • Andrew bell


    Just like the hair on the human body and head, eyelashes have their own life cycle. There is a growing period of six months for eyelashes, and then there is a period of stand-down for eyelashes to separate from the roots of themselves so that new eyelashes are allowed to come out from the hair follicles. Everyday there are several eyelashes falling off because of cleaning or wiping, which is normal and even unnoticeable. However, if your eyelashes fall off a lot for a time and keep doing so, you may have got malnutrition, then you should pay attention to your daily diet. Eat more foods which are rich in vitamin A that are good for your eyes such as carrots, animal livers, eggs, bean curds, and so on. Therefore is another reason for eyelashes falling off, i.e., eye conjuntivitis, which may be caused by virus infection or allergies. If so, you should go to the doctor's for an eye examination and medical help such as using ofloxacin eye drops or acyclovir. Besides, do not overuse your eyes and allow your eyes to have adequate rest. Do not drink too much and never smoke.
  • CeCe Bazel


    Do you use cosmetics? Your eyelashes keep breaking may due to your mascara dosage. What is worse than it is that you use eyelash curler consistently incorrectly, which also hurt your eyelash. As a result, the lashes become a lot shorter and are all stubby depending on how much you use of mascara and how frequent you use your lash curler! See your product instructions. Well, nothing more than mascara has to be definitely waterproof. There is no doubt that it brittles your lashes, or even cause breakage. I suppose that you can use some promote (re)growth stuff called Talika eyelash gel, or something have the same function products on the market. They may expensive, but at least they are relative.

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