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Why do celebrities wear fake glasses?

I find that many celebrities have perfect vision but wear fake glasses. Why? Just for cool?
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  • Connor nelson


    fake glasses are actually the other names of "spectacle frames" which refers to the glasses with only frames. People who are not near-sighted and possesses good vision can also wear this kind of glasses. In recent years, spectacle frames are becoming more and more popular with various kinds of people from adolescents to adults. This is because that the spectacle frames can make people look much more fashionable and stylish. Compared with real eye glasses for bad visions, spectacle frames have no glasses and many are made of soft materials, therefore, spectacle frames are not fragile and very light and relatively convenient. There are many colorful spectacle frames with various kinds of shapes, from which you can choose according to your face shape and clothing styles, and they will make you look different from what you usually look like, maybe make you look cool, or fashionable, or stylish, or cute. For futher information about spectcle frames, you can refer to our company's website to have a look.
  • Erika


    In recent years, the fake glasses are popular with many celebrities. Gradually, it has been fashionable one in our life. For the celebrities, even though they have perfect vision, they would like to wear it. That beause fake glasses can make their face more beautiful, it can cover up their not good face shape in some certain. And if they didn't put on makeup or if they're sick, the fake glasses make them have better appearance. As statistics have shown that most people view those who wear eyeglasses as being more intelligent than those without eyeglasses upon first impression. Maybe this is the traditional saying that fake glasses will help you be more elegant than those who don't wear it. To the celebrities, it would be similar to wearing a watch that didn't tell time, or a belt that couldn't hold up their pants. In summary, celebrities wear fake glasses is not only for cool, but also for the habits.
  • duncan


    Some of my friends who have perfect vision wear fake glasses too. They take it as some kind of ornament. They do look good when putting glasses on. It's a fashion trend I think. I have noticed many celebrities wearing fake glasses too, of course they look cool, but the glasses can also reshape the face to look better. Not everyone looks nice with fake glasses. Fake glasses do no harm to your eyes, so if you want have a change of you image, have a try!