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Otis Crockett


Can sleep deprivation cause sensitivity to light?

I feel sensitive to light. I never have this experiences. Why? Is it caused by staying up to late last night?
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  • b3li3ve


    I also have the light sensitivity half a year ago. I feel anxiety and I think I have a seizure, and all the normal things around make me discomfort. While, as the doctor said, I always tried to keep my mind peaceful to relieve squint, which bother me for a long period along with my photophobia. Do you have some related symptoms, like headache or nausea? It is wise to take a nap and rest your spirits before you head to your doctor for worsening
  • ebernardino


    Yes, it's possible to cause sensitive to light by staying up to late. As we know that sleep deprivation means that people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, waking up too early or has poor sleep quality. When people have sleep deprivation, it will just make your eyes tired, and stressed. And if you still do not have a good rest, your eye will become weakness. When your eyes are exposed to bright light, your eyes will have the feeling of being watery. What's worse, if sleep deprivation continues day by day without remedy, the eye problems will become worse and worse, such as blindness. Accordingly, in my opinion, the most simple and effective way is having enough rest and keep a health sleeping habit. However, if you can't sleep well in any case, you are supposed to see a doctor and take a medication.
  • Jason lester


    I know you are worried about your eye health. But according to my knowledge and common sense, it would not lead to allergy to light due to deprivation of sleep. Because, allergies to light is resulted from decrease in your immune system or other eye diseases or infections. So, you don't have to get worried , just get more rest and not look into the sun.

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