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Paige williams


can contact lenses cause keratoconus?

I heard that wearing too much contact lenses is bad for cornea. Really? If so, is it possible to cause keratoconus?
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  • Marissa george


    It is true that wearing too much contact lens is harmful to cornea. Wearing contact lenses is one of the causes of keratoconus according to a research. The contact lenses irritate the eyes and lead to severe inflammation which deteriorates the links in the collagen within the corneal stroma. The deterioration causes a chain reaction leading to keratoconus by adding pressure to the thinning cornea. In the past, contact lenses are also used for treating keratoconus by creating the effect of a smoother cornea. Now, keratoconus can be cured by putting intact into the cornea to strengthen it.
  • Angelica christian


    Yes, that's true. Wearing contact lenses for too long damage cornea. There are two types of contact lenses, SCL(Soft contact lenses) and RGP(Rigid Gas Permeable). It is recommended by doctors that soft contact lenses shouldn't wore for more than 8 hours, as they contain a lot of water and are easy to be polluted or intruded by bacteria. Thus they need thorough sterilization. RGP can be wore longer to 16-18 hours. Both needs sufficient cleaning and sterilization for the sake of safety. It is known by all that there is no blood vessel in cornea.All the nutrition, oxygen and the waste produced by metabolism are exchanged via aqueous humor and tears, but contact lenses stand in the way of cornea endothelial cells and outside substance. Cells may be damaged for the lack of oxygen. In turn, damage may be done by the failure to eliminate carbon dioxide.
  • Angelica


    It is very possible for you to get keratoconus if you wear too much contact lenses with bad habits of using. Your cone thinning of the cornea is the central forward. The keratoconus often causes highly irregular myopic astigmatism and different degrees of visual impairment, without inflammation. It is often happened among women around the age of youth. Because of the coming invisible bacterium which your bad habits of wearing contact lenses cause, you may get keratoconus easily. The early symptom is with refractive error, for myopia. Then it is gradually developed into astigmatism or irregular astigmatism. You could use the general lens to correct your vision. The medium-term vision declines further which you could not use the lenses to correct. You must use contact lens vision correction and slit lamp examination to see the top of the central cornea gradually thinning, push out and so on. In addition, the corneal stromal edema and opacity can occur. Later, the apex often forms irregular linear scar or muddy cornea. Thus, you should better use the contact lenses in the right way, following the hygiene way to protect the eyes.
  • Rebecca


    Many conditions associated with vigorous eye rubbing due to itching can cause keratoconus. These include seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, contact lens associated irritation/allergy and various atopic diseases (such as hay fever, eczema, asthma and food allergies).
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