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Joshua arnold


Why do people who wear glasses have small eyes?

I noticed that wearing glasses can make the eyes look smaller. Why? Is there anyway that can avoid it?
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  • emily_xoox


    Wearing glasses will not make the eyes look smaller. Some eyes become smaller only because people have some bad habits. We should pay attention to eye health, avoid eyestrain. We also should cultivate the correct writing and reading poses. At the same time, we should have a balanced diet, and eat more food that is rich in vitamin, and eat more egg yolk,etc.
  • b3miine_x3


    Yes, it is true. Wearing glasses will make you eyes look smaller through the lenses because of the reflecting effect. In addition, the stronger the prescription, the smaller the eyes seem to be. The ways to avoid this situation are as below. One suggestion is making up, the eyeliner will increase the eyes looking and the eye shadow will heighten your eyes. Besides, you can wear contacts, which will not only make your eyes feel bigger but also help you see the vision clearly. The last way is thoroughgoing, the laser surgery, which can let you get rid of this problem forever. You can try what you like, and hope these suggestions can be helped.
  • Joshua?arnold


    That's because most people who wear glasses are near-sighted. They wear myopic lens which is convex lenses. Seeing things through convex lenses, you will find things get smaller. This is a physical phenomenon. Some of the beams are refracted by the convex lenses. The left one are converged to a point where is in front of your eyes. Therefore, you see things getting smaller. I am sorry that this problem can't be avoided if you wear myopic lens. The only way is to wear contact lenses instead of frame glasses or have laser myopia surgery.
  • Victor Lee


    I don't think that simply wearing glasses will alter your actual eye.
    However, if you are near sighted, your glasses will give you the appearance of smaller eyes because of how the lens is shaped. This usually isn't noticeable, but if you have a strong prescription, then you'll probably be able to see how it kind of cuts off your face in the lens and makes you look as if you have smaller eyes.
    People who are far sighted actually have their eyes look bigger, but of course getting far sighted glasses isn't an option. If it really really bothers you, you can always try contacts.

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