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Eric quick


Does hepatitis cause red eyes?

I heard that liver problem can affect out eye look. So i just want to know if hepatitis caused red eyes?
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  • Paige


    The liver has many functions such as, protein production and blood clotting to cholesterol and so on. It is an important organ which play an important role in human body. Actually liver problem can affect eye look and red eyes can be a symptom of a liver problem known as cirrhosis. In most cases, liver problems can cause weakness, fatigue, fever, and blemished skin. Generally speaking, alcohol abuse is the most common cause of liver disease, so constrains on alcohol is really necessary for avoiding liver problems
  • Alexander david


    Yes, the liver problem will affect your eye look. The color of the eyes will be changed with the liver problems. If you have the hepatitis, your eyes may become yellow which you should take great notice of. You need to have the good rest and good habit of using eyes. You should take good care of your diet, eating more food with vitamin C.
  • Lauren


    It is impossible to get red eyes from hepatitis. Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver and its characteristic is the presence of inflammatory cells in the tissue of the liver. There are acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis. The symptoms of acute hepatitis are as followings: malaise, muscle and joint aches, fever, nausea, diarrhea, headache, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and yellow eyes and skin. Apart from yellow eyes, there is no eye problem caused by acute or chronic hepatitis. So people suffering from hepatitis may have yellow eyes other than red eyes.

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