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Austin shelley


Can psoriasis cause dry eyes?

Is there any side effects on eyes because of psoriasis? Can i get dry eyes from it?
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  • Melissa duncan


    Yes, there are the side effects on eyes because of psoriasis. Your eyes will be dry easily because of the infection. The whole body immune system will be low. You could easily get the eyes infection because of the invisible bacterium. You should use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. The eye drops should be with anti-inflammation role. The green vegetables should be the necessary ones in daily life.
  • Logan quick


    Actually psoriasis is not only just a skin disease. The one who suffer from psoriasis may get other kinds of disease. In most cases, it can also cause psoriatic arthritis and heart attacks. Apart from that, psoriasis can also affect our eyes. Eye problems may occur because psoriasis can affect the skin around the eyes. Then you may get dry eyes from it. Besides, psoriasis can also lead to problems to the eye itself and may cause blindness in serious condition. Finally, some suggestions for you to consider. You can wash the lids and lashes with baby shampoo and it may ease your pain.
  • Cassidy bell


    I'm sorry.Psoriasis has a bad effect on your eyes to a certain degree.It's a disease that cause dry red patches on the skin including the skin around eyes.Your eyes will feel uncomfortable and can't watch things clearly.In my opinion.Psoriasis also need receive timely treatment because it will recurrient attacks ,be besmeared with blood,discharge pus and so on.

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