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Can people with nystagmus wear contacts?

It is unlucky that i got nystagmus. Can i wear contact lenses for vision aids? Or it is bad to my eyes? Why?
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  • walkinpaperdoll


    Well, as a matter of fact, nystagmus is one of the most complicated problems in relation to our eyes, despite it is not very serious. However, if you dare to wear contact lenses when your nystagmus is not cured, you will probably do some harm to your eye health. So, of course it is harmful right now. Anyway, you should try to fix your nystagmus before thinking about wearing contacts.
  • cheergirl024


    You'd better wear the eyeglasses for vision aids instead of the contact lenses. At this time, if you wear the contact lenses when you have the nystagmus, it will be dangerous for your eyes because of the infection and other eye problems. Nystagmus is referred to as the "eye shock. It is a rhythmic round trip wobbly eye movement. In addition, nystagmus is not an independent disease. Instead, it is the clinical performance of some eye diseases. It is usually caused by the lost of the central nervous system in the visual system outside the inner ear and eye muscle. Once you get the nystagmus, you should not wear the contact lenses which may cause dryness of your eyes. You should go to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes and accept the professional treatment.
  • Jason warren


    Hello, in my opinion, contact lenses is not good for people with nystagmus and some people are asked by the doctor not to wear contact lenses. But there are also lots of people with nystagmus wearing contact lenses. As far as I know, people with nystagmus can wear contact lenses, but it will take longer to fit them, and people need to choose the suitable ones.