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Alexander david


Do you think designer sunglasses are really worth money?

For fashionable people, they always pursue designer sunglasses. But they are really expensive. So, what is your opinion? Do you think the designer sunglasses are worth the prices?
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  • Bruce Robot


    Most luxury designer goods are made in high-end quality while embodied the outstanding characteristics of times and national characteristic of a certain periods of times from telling various stories. These successes of excellent luxury goods are attributed to lots of devil's designers. Luxury sunglasses are the same with the other goods, and they have very good workmanship; they choose the high quality material and perfect clipping. For the design of these luxury goods, they are all designed by very famous designer. Luxury not only means richness and ornateness, but also it is an artwork. "Working with art makes a brand exciting" (said Gildo Zegna). And every extra penny deserves its value, so most goods have very high quality. Workmanship is basic part of luxury goods. Sometimes the workmanship of luxury goods is breathtaking. When luxury goods came into the world, some people had changed the values of life or change the attitude toward life. It drives many people crazy. People created it, that just in order to bring change to people's lives with beauty, to accept new things and to overthrow the old secular. However, the pursuit of fashion it is not to blindly follow or unrealistically comparison. We must be the master of fashion and luxury other than to be the slave of it.
  • Catherine williams


    In my opinion, if you can afford designer sunglasses, you can buy them to look better. for example, ray ban sunglasses are cool all the time. However, sunglasses now come in various colors, styles and prices. I think sunglasses are good items whether they are made by famous company or not. So I think plenty of people do not need to buy designer sunglasses if they have a thin purse. There are also a large number of sunglasses with trendy style offer good UV protection and cost you less money than designer sunglasses.
  • Kyle


    Ha, imagine that if you earn big money and do not have to make ends meet, plus that you pursue fashion, then you tend to buy designer glasses, even if they will cost you a great deal of money. As far as I am concerned, you don't have to spend that much on such glasses, because there are always cheaper ones to replace them, and it is wise for you to spend your money on better things. For me, I will never spend big money on them, for they are not going to give me great value.
  • Rebecca


    It depends. Different people have different opinions. In my mind, the answer is yes. From the aspect of the design, designer eyeglasses are comfortable to wear. It fits most people's face shape. Moreover, the quality of the designer eyeglasses are much better than normal eyewear.
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