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Mya harris


Does everyone get eye floaters? Is that true?

I heard so many people around me complain that they get eye floaters. I wonder if everyone get eye floaters. Is that true?
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  • Jose


    The eye floater is a common condition for almost every person, especially for over 50 people. It means there are a few small spots in the eye vision when looking at light background, such as white wall. Usually, aging is the most common cause of eye floater. Or it would be found when you are over stress or tired. On the other side, one typical symbol of eye floater is nearsightedness. However, it's risky if someone gets excess number of eye floaters at once. Eating more vegetables and fruit can keep a low quantity of eye floaters.
  • Jonathan tuener


    Eye floaters are is very common for most of people. They often occur to people with eye disease and vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and more. People with eye floaters can see floating sports within their vision when they look around. Eye floaters may be present in only one eye or both eyes. From this point, it is possible for everyone got eye floaters.
  • Downeast


    Hmmm, it is really a terrible experience to have eye floaters, for they will drive you crazy if they are not taken care of. But everyone doesn't get eye floaters, they may be genetic or may be derived from some diseases. So you do not have to worry, just try to keep your eyes health whenever possible and you can be away from such illness.