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Do you have allergic reaction to glasses frames?

I have bought a pair of metal eyeglasses frame, but my skin is sensitive to the glasses. Maybe it is allergic. Do you have such experience? Can you tell me what materials based eyeglasses frames won't cause allergy to people with sensitive skin?
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  • Jan


    First all, the comment by "handsdown360" couldn't be more uneducated and misinformed. I'm a Optical Tech and it is NOT your eyes that is the cause. It is nickle dermatitis and it is allergic reaction to cheap metal. That being said, unfortunately, even expensive eyeglass manufacturers use cheap metal made in China. Coach frames that cost me $300 gave me an allergic reaction from the metal rivets on the ear piece of their frames - their signature "style". Go all plastic and don't spend a lot.
  • Nociol


    Yes I was allergic to a pair of frames one time. They had some sort of fake type metal coating on them and the doctor told me I could only wear titanium glasses because I was allergic to everything else. So its very possible.
  • walkentall


    As you say, you have bought a pair of metal eyeglasses frame, certainly, it is the metal eyeglasses frame led to the allergic reaction. Yes, metal allergy is accompanied by inflammation, resulting in facial redness, swelling and itching. Typically, the metal which easily causes allergic contact dermatitis is nickel. Whether it is the nickel to produce allergic reactions depend on the individual constitution. Typically, the frame material is divided into three types: plastic, metals, natural materials class. If your skin is sensitive to the metal eyeglasses frame. You can consider the other two materials glasses. In addition, you can still choose a metal frame glasses, as long as the material does not contain nickel.
  • Kelly


    Sorry, I don't have that experience. Compared with plastic material frame, the metal eyeglasses frame looks more delicate. However, the metal material is more susceptible to the sweat acid which may be corrosive. That is the reason why your sensitive skin doesn't feel good when wearing the metal eyeglasses frame. Thus, have a try on the eyeglasses with plastic material frame which may not only look light but also protect your sensitive skin.
  • Debra Havel


    Generally speaking, it may have something to do with your metal glasses frame that makes you have allergic reaction. It's commonly called a "nickel" allergy, although it can be too many metals, not just nickel. As you say, your skin is the type which is sensitive to metal. For this reason, if you like your glasses, it's a good idea to go the optometrist's office and explain the problem. For this, you probably won't even need an appointment. The ladies who work in the office handle things like this. Most offices have a clear solution they can "paint" on in the areas that are bothering your skin, like putting a barrier on to protect you from the irritation. While you're there, they can also make sure the fit is correct and not the true culprit of your problem. There are many materials and options available when constructing a pair of glasses, making it possible for consumers to truly customize their eyeglasses. Style, durability and safety are all things an eyeglass wearer should consider. Most component materials currently used are safe for sensitive skin and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
  • hands_down360


    Considering your special condition, I suggest that you go to find an eye doctor and check your eyes carefully and see if there are any problems. I have never got the experience. Maybe plastic made frames will not cause eye allergy. Or perhaps it is because your eyes are sick. So try to keep your eyes healthy and clean. If things don't turn out right, you might as well try contacts.
  • Dorothy Mitchell


    I do have allergy with metal frames