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Is it OK to wear two pairs of contacts at once?

I want to wear colored contact lenses for a nice look, and also right now i am wearing my prescription contact lenses for vision aids. So, is it possible to wear two pairs of contact lenses at once?
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  • Arianna walker


    Are you kidding me? You know two pairs of contacts will adhere with each other if it together wearing in your eyes. But they will move with your movement of your eyes, during the process of movement, the two pieces of lenses will conflict with each other as well as your eyes. Thus the keratitis will happen to bring you much trouble. Actually, it’s really no need to do like this. Nowadays, you can find the colored contact lens with description in the market easily. It's the one who has merged the two functions of beauty and CVA (corrected visual acuity) together, maybe it’s more helpful for you.
  • walkercounty


    I never meet people who wear two pairs of contact lenses at the same time. You must be joking. Don't you know there are colored contact lenses with prescription? If you want to enhance look and get vision aids at the same time, you can just try a pair of prescription colored contact lenses at one time.
  • Rebecca


    no i really dont think this is advisable, i think that it could end up ruining both of the lenses and i'd imagine would be really uncomfortable with two in, it might not look that thick when its in your hand but once its in your eyes you'd really feel it.
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