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Alexandria taylor


How to remove contact lenses out of small eyes?

I have very small eyes, and I feel hard to wear and remove the contact lenses. And right now, i am troubled about how to remove the contacts in my eyes. It seems the contacts stick my eyes. Help me to remove the contact lenses out of my small eyes!
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  • Andri


    Firstly, please don't feel anxious, just relax. The peaceful mind will help you effectively. Use a big mirror, put your middle finger of right hand bellows your eye, make sure the eyelash under your finger, and then put your middle finger of left hand on upper eyelid. The lens must be moisture on your index finger of right hand. Then you put the lens into your eye with some inclination, just one edge side of lens contact your eyeball, it will be easily contact on your eye immediately. When the whole lens is fully contacted on your eye, then let your hands away from your eyelid. It will be succeed easily once you familiar with this way.
  • April


    If you have difficulty removing contact lenses and feel the contacts stick on your eyes, it may be caused by dry eyes, You can use some eye drops which can moist your eyes, and keep blink your eyes so as to help you get rid of the lenses in your eyes easily. Then, you can remove the lenses as you do usually.
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