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What do you really think of oversized sunglasses?

How do you think about oversized sunglasses? Is it cool or ugly? Are they still in style in 2012?
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    Sunglasses for me are just a simple tool that shield eyes from strong sunshine, as well as enhance my look, if possible. And oversized sunglasses are my favorite because it can cover my face to protect my eyes well. I don't think they are ugly. Maybe they look cool, anyway, i don't care. I just feel comfortable to wear it, that enough.
  • Mackenzie rose


    I lover oversized sunglasses and they are in style right now. Actually, many people including me fancy oversized sunglasses. By covering my face, they can protect my eyes and skin. You know the skin around eyes is so tender. The most wonderful thing making me love oversized sunglasses is that they have magic power to make my chubby face look smaller and prettier, haha. If you want to grace your face with stylish sunglasses, take a shot at oversized sunglasses. Believe me, they will do a good job in flattering your face. by the way, finding the one suited for your face shape is very important.
  • Jada


    It is so fashionable to wear the over-sized sunglasses, and so many superstars choose the over-sized sunglasses. It can not just protect your eyes against from the harsh sunlight, but also help you to be stylish. Do not forget to use the different colors of sunglasses or their frames to matches up your clothes and your hair style.

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