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How to cure sore eyes immediately? Help!

I don't why my eyes sore right now. And my eyes appear red. How to cure my sore eyes quickly? Help!
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  • William clive


    The neurological eyestrain and bloodshot eyes need have a immediate rest. You can use the following movements to eliminate eye fatigue. First, press your eyeballs. Close your eyes, use your index figure, middle finger and ring finger gently press your eyes, and you can also rotate your eyes gently. Do not do it for a long time or rub hardly, 20 seconds are good. Second, press your forehead. Use three fingers of your both hands to press from the middle of your forehead to the direction of the temple, and the press hard on the temple, you can use your fingertip to give the force. This can make your eyes feel comfortable. Repeat 3 to 5 times. When you do a long time work or study, you should stand up and walk around, you can look the distant scenes. These methods can eliminate eye fatigue, make your eyes have enough rest, and stimulate the muscles which are easy to aging. But you should also pay attention to your eye health.
  • catchingthought


    If you have pain in your eyes, there must be some problems in your conjunctivitis. It is strongly suggested for you to go to the hospital and have a check. If you really have no time, you can treat your sore eyes by using some home remedies. Using the war compress, you can place the hot compress on your sore eyes which may ease the pain to some degree. In addition, using coriander may help in easing the pain in your eyes. Then use an eye wash which also helps you at this moment. Hope these methods may help you.
  • cajunbel29


    Sore eyes are usually caused by Conjunctivitis which is painful. I don't know how to cure sore eyes immediately. But you can try some home remedies to treat your sore eyes. You can use war compress. Place the hot compress on your affected eyes. It will be helpful to ease your pain. Besides, make full use of coriander. Boil dried coriander and use an eye wash. It is very useful to help reduce swelling, burning and pain.
  • fergus


    I suggest that you can go to a drug store to buy a bottle of artificial tears potions, namely compound sodium chloride eye drops. It can help your eyes reduce unnecessary external stimulation. At the same time, this kind of eye drops can also nourish your eyes and let it not so dry. More importantly, you must not to rub the eyes to avoid infection.
  • Savannah


    Do not panic, first you should keep cool. This is not a rare problem, because a lot of people get the same headache. So my advice is that you should make better use of your eyes, give them some time to rest and get some eye drops that can solve your symptoms. If your eyes still keep sore, you'd better find a doctor and get some medical treatment. But most importantly, you should pay more attention to your eyes in the future!