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What kind of glasses does shenae grimes wear?

Do you know what kind of eyeglasses does shenae grimes wear? Where can i find it? Is it expensive?
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  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    She very charming and attractive. Anyway, sometimes she would appear to be wearing a pair of glasses and they are called nerd glasses. Since the nerd glasses have become popular in the world, you could find them with ease at large optical shopping centers such as Walmart vision center, hope you find what you want.
  • walker8016


    Yes, shenae grimes is seen to wear the eyeglasses when she is in the street. She was spotted wearing Baby Phat 2062 from Modo Eyewear .Wearing the eyeglasses makes her look cute and beautiful. If you want to buy such similar type, you could go to the online stores to have a search. You could just go to the amazon to have a search.