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Can dry eyes cause blindness?

What's the bad effects of dry eyes? Will it lead to blindness if i ignore it?
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  • Alexandria


    There are many bad effects of dry eyes. The dry eyes will cause the redness of the eyes. What's worse, it will affect your vision. It may cause blindness if you ignore the dry eyes and use the eyes in much time because of the total damage of the eyes nerves. You should better use the eyes drops to release the symptom.
  • Michael?griffin


    Dry eyes are very common for most of us. It can occur when we have eye strain, after our Lasik surgery, during our conjunctivitis and so on. If refers to inadequate tear film of eyes. Tear is very important to eyes, as nutrition, anti agents and lubricant. Lacking of tear film, we would have a blurry vision, red eyes and strong foreign body sensation. It won't lead to blindness from eye dryness. As tear could kill 90% of bacteria in eyes, inadequate tear film would make it easier for the bacteria to invade our eyes. Eye infection would be frequent to bother you. If eye dryness left untreated for long time, it might lead to eye inflammation, scarring on the surface of cornea and other possible vision problem. I don't think it is a good idea to ignore it. You can take some simply actions to help relieve the symptoms, for example, warm compress, humidifier, artificial tear, enough water intake and food rich in nutrition.
  • MARY



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