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Can lack of sleep cause high eye pressure?

Is it possible to cause high eye pressure because of lacking sleep? Or what will cause high eye pressure?
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  • Gabriella


    Not any thing like lack of sleep or exercise can lead high pressure, in some degree, it has a small contribution. Sleep deprivation is known to cause chronic drowsiness, cognitive difficulty, weight gain, blood pressure,depression or other disease. But there are many causes which will lead to eye pressure. Food just like caffeine, water or some nutrients. If you drink too much, you will get the eye pressure. Glaucoma, eye trauma, certain medications or lasik surgery will also increase your eye pressure.
  • Julia


    Eye pressure is the inner pressure of the eyes. It is the balance pressure of eyes contents apply to the wall of eyeball, especially the aqueous fluid. The normal eye pressure is range from 1.47~2.79kPa. In the normal conditions, the labor and mood swing, lack of sleeping will induce the increasing eye pressure. Most of the people of myopia who have the high eye pressure is related to the fatigue and strain of physical and mental. Besides, increased pressure in the eyeball is the main feature of glaucoma. The pregnant woman has the higher eye pressure than normal people. The long term's use of hormone eye drop will also lead to this symptom.