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How to make small eyes stand out?

My eyes are so small. Do you have any idea to make it look bigger. Or how to make my small eyes stand out. Any suggestion?
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  • george


    There are some suggestions for you. The first but most risk one is to do the beauty surgery. This method could basically solve your problem at most. But this method will cost much and maybe dangerous no matter during the surgery process or the recovery periods. The second method is to apply some makeup. The mascara scream and eye shadow would bring some effect to you to increase the size of eyes from the visual aspect. The third way for you is to make more confidence to your own appearance. Small eyes would be charming the same with the big eyes. The expression in your eyes would be more attractive than the big but dull eyes. Do you agree with me?
  • cattatra


    If you want to make the small eyes stand out, you could wear the contact lenses to make the eyes look big. You could also use the makeup at the eyes by using the eyeliner or the eye shadow to make the small eyes stand out. The above ways are so effective which you could take them for reference.
  • walkinginstars


    Having small eyes seems to be troublesome for you, but there are still many ways to help you make your eyes look bigger. You can use some makeup tricks to make small eyes stand out at home. Usually small eyes can get away with brighter colors than larger eyes can. That's why you should stay away from dark liners, as these will only make your eyes look smaller. Instead, you can apply a fresh white, or light pastel eye liner along the inner rim of your eyes – it will instantly awaken your face and give the illusion of bigger, wider blinkers. Besides, you can curl your eyelashes at the root, then at the middle and then use a volumizing mascara, which would also effectively help your eyes look bigger.