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Jackson raphael


How to tell if your eyes are going bad?

Is there a sign that your eyes are going bad? How can i tell it?
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  • b2sweet16


    When you see things in blurry, your eyes are going bad. When your eyes get dry and feel uncomfortable, your eyes are going bad. When your eyes get red, your eyes are going bad. There are many other signs that your eyes are going bad which deserves your attention. You should protect the eyes carefully which are the very important parts for the whole body.
  • Christina nelson


    Certainly, there are many signs if your eyes are going bad. If you go through the experience of not see things as clear as before, this is a common sign of your eyes going bad. Check yourself if you have any bad habits listed below. Theses are signs of eyes going bad: squeezing frequently when reading and watching, headaches after reading or long time focus on computer, frequent eye fatigue, blurry vision, dry eyes, high eye pressure, blood shot eyes and many other eye symptoms, etc. If you are going through theses symptoms, you should take more care for your eyes. Don't over use of eyes, and do some eye exercises regularly. You should having enough sleep and relax your eyes, eat more vegetables and fruits. what's more, the best way is to consult an optometrist for an eye exam.