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How to tell if your eyes are dry?

What's the sign of dry eyes? How can you tell if your eyes are dry?
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  • enigma_g


    In fact, dry eye syndrome is a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. It will irritate ocular and anterior of eyes, which will cause eye infections and inflammations. The sign of dry eye usually accompany persist dryness, scratchiness, burning sensations, stringy mucus in or around your eyes, increased eye irritation from smoke or wind, eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, eye redness, difficulty wearing contact lenses, periods of excessive tearing, etc. Dry eyes can cause redness and even irritations. It is said that another sign of dry eyes is a "foreign body sensation," the feeling that something is in the eye. Now that eye dryness cause so many eye problems, you can use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to alleviate the dryness symptoms and scratchy feeling. Wear sunglasses out door can also be helpful for dry eyes, besides, hot compress and fish oil are also natural remedies for dry eyes.
  • Mya harris


    The most sign of your dry eyes is your feeling. You will not feel comfortable at the eyes. Your eyes lack water which will make your eyes feel not that comfortable. Your eyes may get redness because of the dryness. You should drink more water and use some eyes drops to moisture the eyes. At the same time, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.