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Brooke peters


Can eyestrain cause droopy eyelid?

Is it possible to get droopy eyelid from eyestrain? Why or why not?
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  • copyofme


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get droopy eyelid from eyestrain. When you get the eyestrain, the eyes nerves will be intense. The eyes surrounding skin will be tight which will easily cause the droopy eyelid. You'd better use the oil essentials to make your eyes skin become tight and smooth. In addition, you will feel comfortable at the eyes.
  • Zoe


    Well, yes, eyestrain can just cause droopy eyelids. According to somme researches, some causes can be related with droopy eyelids, including eye strain. And of course, in common, stress can be directly with eye strain. And then eye strain can just tighten your eye skin, and then in a long term, it will just affect your eyelid, leading to droopy eyelids. That can just make you feel annoying and look unattractive. For the treatments, there are some ways you can just have a try. For example, some tea bags can be effective. Also, you can try some sunscreen too. Just remember to have a good rest, avoiding having stressed. That is also important too.
  • crc32


    The term eye strain is frequently used by people to describe a group of symptoms which are related to use of the eyes. First, you must make sense that eye strain is just a symptom, not a eye diseases. That is, many eye problems accompany eye strain, such as dry eye, eye infections, bleparitis. So droopy eyelid cannot result from eye strain. It is most commonly due to blepharitis and photphobia. On the contrary, droop eyelid has a great rate of leading to eye strain.

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