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What are e-readers effect on eyes?

I heard that e-readers are bad to eyes. So, can you tell me what are the side effects of e-readers on eyes because?
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  • walkinginlight


    Well, it seems that you are quite interested in those E-readers. Yes, indeed, those electronic devices could bring a lot of convenience and joy to us since we can read things with those portable stuff whenever we want right? However, you should know that while we read with E-readers, our eyes blink less times and take in harmful lights from the screen, which could do great harm to your eyes, leading to an eye strain, or red eyes, bloodshot eyes.
  • Hunter


    Yes, it is very bad for eyes. I don't know what feel you have, I feel my vision blurred, eyes sore and red after reading on my cell phone for hours. One of my friend complained about this too. She once got her eyes injured by accident. Recently she always told me her vision was very blurred especially after reading on phone in bed. It is very easy to understand why this could make eyes uncomfortable. With smart mobile phone, we could read, play games and surfing on internet wherever and whenever we want to. However it also means we are looking at this small screen for very long time with unstable light and bad posture. We also know that dim light, pro-long working time and bad posture could make it easily to get eye strain. There are some symptoms you might develop, for example redness, dryness, grittiness and blurred vision. Even headache might be caused by eye strain. So I suggest you not to reply totally on mobile phone. Take more exercises. Have frequent sight focus break. Doing some eye exercise would be great for your eyes.

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