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Katelyn smith


Can gout cause blurry vision ?

Is it possible to get blurry vision from gout? If so, what can i do to stop it?
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  • Jessica


    Yes, it is possible for you to get blurry vision from gout because of the affected nerves in the whole body. If you want to stop it, you need to have the good rest for the eyes first. Then you could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes get moisture and comfortable. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes get clear at the vision.
  • fergus


    I have to say there is an indirect link between the two diseases. As we know, gout can cause kidney diseases such as urate nephropathy and renal insufficiency. According to traditional Chinese doctors, blurry vison is caused by lesion of liver, gallbladder and kidney. If your kidney is lack of essence and blood, it may cause blurry vision. In consideration of your special situation, you can take in some animal visceras such as goose livers to improve the situation. Also you need to drink plenty of juce and eat fresh vegetables that are rich in vitaminC. Besides, a good rest can assure a better status. Hope that will help you.
  • Jada shelley


    No, it is impossible to get blurred vision because of gout. Blurred vision is often a sign of cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome, myopia, presbyopia and eye strain. However, the symptoms of gout are attacks of pain, tenderness, swelling of toes, foot, ankles and knees. Gout is the result of too much uric acid in blood. It has nothing to do with eyes.

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