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Do fluorescent lights cause cataracts?

Can fluorescent lights affect our vision? Is it possible to cause cataracts?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    Yes, fluorescent lights will affect your vision to some degree. You should not stare at it which may cause the tiredness of your eyes. You may have the blurry vision. What is worse, it is possible for you to cause cataracts after some eye infections. You should protect the eyes carefully by having the good rest or healthy diet.
  • walkingalone_


    This question is still under controversy. Some claims that the ultraviolet radiation released from fluorescent lights can lead to cataracts. Ultraviolet has been known as a main cause of cataract for a long time. However, some people argue that the amount of ultraviolet rays from fluorescent lights is too little to make a difference.
  • emo_pain_818


    Well, yes, it can just lead to cataracts in your eyes. Generally speaking, cataracts occur when the eye's lens, normally clear, becomes opaque and thickened, impeding entry of light. And then, in common, it eventually increases, resulting in loss of vision since light cannot reach the retina. According to some experts, diabetes, smoking, smog, heredity, Ultraviolet radiation can just cause cataracts. And at the same time, you should know that fluorescent light is created by electrical current exciting mercury vapor in either neon or argon gas, in turn producing plasma, which emits ultraviolet radiation. So in that way, it will also lead to cataracts too.