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Does high blood pressure cause eye flashes?

Is it possible to get eye flashes from high blood pressure? How can high blood pressure affect on our vision?
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  • lova


    Yes, it is possible for you to get eye flashes from high blood pressure because of the affection on the eyes pressure. Once you get the high blood pressure, you may be dry at the eyes because of polypnea. The eye pressure will work in disorder, too. You may see things in blurry state. That is why you have the eye flashes. You need to keep the light diet, with more vegetables and fruits. If you find that you have the eye flashes, you could use some eye drops to release the symptom. At the same time, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture. You need to protect the eyes carefully.
  • Paige williams


    Well, yes, high blood pressure can just lead to eye flashes. And that can be kind of normal. Generally speaking, the eye receives part of its nourishment from blood vessels on the surface of the eye and blood vessels on the retina, which is the thin layer that lines the back of the eye. So if changes occur with any of these vessels, eye bleeding may occur because of high blood pressure. And also, eye pressure will be high, and that will just affect your eyes nerves, leading to eye flashes. Also, bloodshot eyes and redness in your eyes can occur too. So in my opinion, you may need to control your emotion, or pay more attention to daily supplement.
  • edward


    As we know, high blood pressure can cause high power upon your vessels when you are stimulated by some outside factors, so that some thin vessles in your eyes may be broken because of too much strong pressure pressed on them. As eye flashe is a kind of pinkeye, which can be caused by highly congestion of bulbar conjunctiva, some can be splinter hemorrhage while others can be extensive bleeding or ball subconjunctival point. The symptom can be eyelid swelling. So, high blood pressure can lead to a high eye pressure, which may induce other eye problems. Hope that will help you.

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