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Ariana oliver


Can dieting affect your eyesight ?

Is it possible to affect our eyesight because of dieting? What are the side effects on eyes?
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  • b3mine_x3


    Of course yes, On one hand, a lack of a certain nutrition in the diet can cause relative diseases. Vitamin A deficiency cause night blindness. As a result of a lack of vitamin A in diet, you have worse night view and blurred vision at nights. Also, a lack of iodine is the culprit of thyroid eye diseases which has symptoms like bulging eyes, dry eyes and pain in the eye. On the other hand, there are many essential nutrition which benefits eyesight. Foods like spinach, corn and leafy green vegetables rich in lutein can help prevent macular degeneration. Food abundant in vitamin C and E which are antioxidants can prevent the eyes from being damaged by free radicals. Food rich in glutathione can prevent cataracts.
  • Ana


    Varies of vitamins are critical for eyes. For example, when vitamin B2 deficiency will occur on conjunctivitis, keratitis, and can even lead to cataracts. Vitamin A deficiency will cause night blindness and may lead to damage of the optic nerve. As for vitamin C, which deficiency can also cause cataracts, usually, it is obtained from a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Several bad dietary diets impact eyesight: 1. eating sweet foods (including a variety of sweet drinks) has great influence on vision. 2. Only eat meat and fine food, not eating or eating fewer vegetables. 3. Only eat vegetables, not eating or eating less meat.
  • crazyforluke


    Yes, it is possible to affect your eyesight because of dieting. If you lack the vitamin C, your eyes may be dry. You will feel uncomfortable at the eyes. If you lack the vitamin A, you may have the problem at the night vision. If you are sensitive at the eyes, the spicy food may also stimulate your eye vision. You'd better protect the eyes carefully and keep the healthy diet to make your eyes be healthy.

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