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Carlos rodney


Can anxiety cause photophobia?

Is it possible to get photophobia because of anxiety? Why or why not?
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  • cattatra


    Anxiety is one of the causes of photophobia, there are many reasons that cause photophobia, such as hangover, migraine, eye infection, eye injury, measles ,underactive parathyroid gland and anxiety. After stay in the dark room for a long period of time, people who is anxious about light would not adjust the bright circumstance and become very sensitive to light and photophobia.
  • cheryl


    It is sure that the anxiety feeling ranks one of the reasons of photophobia. Photophobia is a kind of harm or potential harm from the light. Instead of the fear, it refers to the uncomfortable feeling or pain after exposure to light. Anxiety mood would influence the nerve system, which cause the disorder of autism spectrum, dyslexia, meningitis or other severe harms, which all result to the photophobia. Besides, people would develop into the photophobia form several various medical results about eyes.
  • Nathan harris


    Well, yes, anxiety can lead to photophobia. Generally speaking, people with depression, pain, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis will easily have photophobia. So when you have anxiety, it will lead to high blood pressure. And then the photophobia will occur. So just control your emotion. Also, photophobia is eye discomfort in bright light. And if you get it, it can be dangerous and annoying. By the way, severe photophobia may occur with eye problems and can cause severe eye pain even in relatively low light. T burns to the eyes or corneal abrasion and even some medicines can lead to photophobia. Anyway, just be careful about it.

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