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Zoe may


what can remove super glue from glasses lens?

When I was trying to repair the broken arms, i got some superglue on my glasses lens. What can I use to remove them?
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  • evilbunny1369


    Do not use Acetone or nail varnish remover to remove superglue from plastic lens, otherwise it will damage the lens. However, you can apply alcohol. Just rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab to make the glue soft. Then it is easy to remove the superglue from plastc lens. Or you can try petroleum jelly--Vaseline. The petroleum breaks down the glue. I heard this from the wife of an ER doc. It's what they use there when people superglue themselves.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Super glue hardens to a form of plastic, and removing it from plastic surfaces can be a challenge. So, if your lenses are plastic, it may troubles you. It is best to use acetone, it will out after 5-10 minutes you spread it on the super glue. But if you can't get it, you can try to put them in the refrigerator soaking in hot water. Besides, compress some electrical oil, it can soft the super glue. Or you can have a look at the flowing link, they are a little cumbersome, but still can help you For plastic lenses and frames, use the method given for plastics. For glass lenses and metal frames, use the method provided for vinyl. If it's glass, you can use polish remover, however it will strip any coating you have on it as well.
  • walking_poeticx


    There are some advices for you. The first thing is to buy some chemical cleaner from a formal glasses store, which is specially made for cleaning the super glue from glasses lens. Then, you'd better remember to wrap a cloth around the lens to avoid damage while removing the glue. Don't use too much strength and just be careful when you're cleaning. At last, you need to wash the lens again with some water.

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