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Can women wear men's sunglasses?

Is it OK for women to wear men's sunglasses? Is it wired or cool?
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  • Luke


    Well, it seems that you have to wear men's sunglasses. So, as a matter of fact, sunglasses does not have much things to do with genders, I mean, it is ok for a girl to wear boy's sunglasses, which could unexpectedly enhance the girl's looks and vibe. Of course it is not that weird, as long as you are not very feminine.Sometimes we need to make a change in order to add relish to our lives.
  • consilium_capit


    As far as i am concerned,bit's absolutely ok for women to wear men's sunglasses.Say it in other words, you can wear any kind of sunglasses as you like, because the sunglasses that comfort you most is the best one you'd better choose. What's more, men's sunglasses also come in different styles and you will definitely find one that make you look cool, sober, mature even neuter. In addition, sticking in the mud is not a good idea, making different choices may bring you surprises. Accordingly, just have a try and see the changes, i sincerely hope you will find a new style for yourself. Thanks.
  • Justin fergus


    Well, of course, it is ok for women to wear men's sunglasses. You do not worry about it. The first thing you should consider is the face shape. Generally speaking, the size of men's sunglasses will be bigger than women's. So you should choose the right size. Also, your face shape is very important. In common, if you have a round face shape, you can just choose the round glasses frames. Anyway, just console it with the professional person.