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What lifestyle to change while having Glaucoma?

I was diagnosed with Glaucoma. What should i avoid to help my eyes? What lifestyle to change to contribute to treat Glaucoma?
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  • Logan


    Firstly, you should have a healthy diet that rich in fresh fruits and vegetable to ensure that you absorb all the vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain balance. You had better take more vitamin A, B and C as well as protein calcium and other vital minerals, such as carrots, kiwi fruit. And you should avoid stimulant from your daily life in order to not aggravate glaucoma, such as caffeine, alcohol, especially coffee is extremely harmful for glaucoma. At the same time, you should stop smoking if you do that. On the other side, you should rest your eyes for frequent breaks to avoid eyestrain when watching TV, working on the computer, reading and driving for a prolonged period. It could reduce the stress to your eyes.
  • marvina


    Glaucoma is the disease caused by the damage of visual nerves. Because of the gradually increasing intra-ocular pressure which makes the eye not burden, the eyes may appear the symptom of losing sight. If you don't want to use the surgery to cure this, you should take several aspects into notices. You should eat more food with vitamine C and the Biological kind of brass to decrease the eye pressure. Keep eating vitamine B three times a day. When your eyes feel pain, you may eat the Ge to make up the oxygen for the eyes organization. In a word, you'd better accept the treatment the doctor gives you. Wish you recover some day.
  • walkersville


    I am so sorry. Glaucoma is an eyes disease of optic neuropathy damage. And in the end, the vision may be lost gradually. But don't give up, with the development of technology, there are some treatment can prevent, slow and treat it, such as medical and laser surgical means. Eating the right food and a positive metal attitude are also good for your eyes.