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How to take good care of ski goggles?

I bought a pair of ski goggles. But i seldom wear it because i not play snow sports so often. Can you give me some idea of keep ski goggles so as to make it keep long time?
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  • Nathan harris


    Here are some tips for you to keep your ski goggles for a long time: 1.You should clean your ski goggles every few weeks. You know how to clean it? Use warm water and sunglasses cleaner/soap solution and cloth to remove any dust you can find between the frames and lenses. 2.You need to keep your ski goggles in a case when you are not wearing them or after using them, you can buy a special hard case or a fabric bag on the internet. 3. You can take a few minutes to deep clean your ski goggles when the season's gone. Then place them in a hard box. Store them in a safe, dry place. If you could pay much more attention to your equipment, it will give back you a much longer life for you to use.
  • elstrider


    The ski goggles are a kind of glasses which protect your eyes from damage from cold wind, ultraviolet, fog visual blur as well as the eyes hurt after fall down. This kind of glasses, its surface has a kind of colored coating to against ultraviolet. Its material of frame is flexible, and hardly to broken by warping, in order to protect your eyes after falling. These above are the differences from normal sunglasses. So, there are some points for you to take care of the goggles. It's simple to clean the goggles, washing it with clean water after wearing. Then softly wipe the water which remain in the goggles, put it in a ventilated place to blow dry. But please pay attention that the dry cloth can not use to rub the surface of lenses to prevent from scratch, especially the coating scratch. If there's some oil stain attached in the lenses, apply a little drop of liquid soap and use water to wash after it, which will be ok to get rid of it. If you are not often use it, you can wrap it with soft cloth then put it in the goggles box in a dry place. Please do not expose it under a blazing sun for quite a long time to prevent the hurt of the coating as well as the soft plastic frame from aging.
  • Nathan harris


    First of all, you should keep the ski goggles in the box or the case to avoid the dust which is the most important way to keep it new. Secondly, you should often clean it by cloth which may keep the lenses glossy. Last of all, keep it away from the places where there is strong sunlight. Following the above three steps can you make the ski glasses new for a long time.

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