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Where are burberry sunglasses made? are they made in china?

Do you know burberry sunglasses? Where are they made? I have a pair which signs "Made in China". Are they real?
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  • hill


    Yes, I know burberry sunglasses which are famous at its special design and good material. London, England's capital, is the original place of Burberry Company. Now the main company of Burberry company is still there. However, the manufacturing company is located in China. That is why your sunglasses has the print of "made in china". It is real.
  • b2jb


    Well, Burberry Sunglasses are made in Italy, so your ones may be fake ones. As we know that Burberry Sunglasses are one of the most popular brands in the high-quality sun swear fashion market. Burberry contains exceptional quality and modern classic styles. Fake never appear to go out of Fashion and are loved by every fashion reasons. Sunglasses bless our eyes in many ways. It protects the eyes from sun, dust particles, water and UV rays. Avoid damage to our eyes through the use of sunglasses. If you really want to know if they are fake or not, you can go to the store, and they will give you the professional advices.