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Are maui jim sunglasses better than oakley?

What your opinion on maui jim sunglasses and oakley sunglasses? Which one is better?
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  • Susie Washington


    It depends on your personal preference. As we know, both of them are brands sunglasses and are expensive. Which one do you choose is totally depend on yourself. Personally, if you want to be fashion, i suggest your choose mani jim sunglasses. If you want to join some sports activities, you'd better choose Oakley sunglasses. Hope this help you.
  • Isabelle garcia


    In my own opinion, oakley sunglasses are better than maui jim sunglasses from several points. First of all, the design of oakley sunglasses is more fashion than those of maui jim sunglasses. It always follows the fashionable trend. Secondly, the material of oakley sunglasses are so good that are durable, although I don't know it about the maui jim sunglasses.
  • Bridget C


    As far as I know, maui jim sunglasses and oakley sunglasses, this two kinds of sunglasses have distinguishing features. They become the world famous brands with their special advantages. But, as far as I know, oakley sunglasses attract more consumers at low prices. Compared with oakley sunglasses, maui jim sunglasses pays more attention to the quality and effect. So, you need choose which one is you like most according to your demand. In general, oakley sunglasses are a good choice are with excellent quality and reasonable price.
  • Benjamin


    For my personal preference, I would like to choose oakley sunglasses. Do you remember the situation that movie Matrix, this kind of sunglasses are always wearing in the major actor's eyes. That is very cool and awesome! It is the typical and classical representation of fashion! It is sports lover's best choice. As for the maui jim sunglasses, I heared little about that, it as not so popular as oakley. I guess it casual with the flavor of Hawaii, is that right? The history of oakley is longer than maui jim, and it is verious types for you to choose. It is manufactured in American, the quality control is perfect, why not choose this?

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