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What does an astigmatism look like?

One of my friends told me that she has heavy astigmatism. I just can't understand. What does an astigmatism mean? Can you tell me What does an astigmatism look like?
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  • Melissa garcia


    Well, generally speaking, astigmatism is merely a visual condition of the eye that is caused by its shape. Astigmatism can result in an eye that has two different powers, and also it splits the focus point into two different partial focus points. In many cases, you should know that blurry vision is the most common symptom of astigmatism. Also, because of the different powers in the eye, shadow images, eye muscle spasms, eyestrain, and headaches can occur too. So you should try some ways to cure it. If you go and see an eye doctor, maybe he will suggest you wear contact lenses to correct it. So you can have a try.
  • Michelle


    Astigmatism is an eye problem that causes blurred vision because the irregular shape of the cornea and the clear front cover of the eye. But is a really common vision condition, most people have some degree of astigmatism. The slight amounts of astigmatism usually do not affect eye vision and do not require any treatment. However, the deep degree of astigmatism cause blurred or distorted vision, eye discomfort and headaches. It usually occurs with other vision problems, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. It can be hereditary and is usually present from birth, thus you have to take an eye examination to define whether you need eyeglasses or contact lenses for correcting this condition.
  • crystal_jade13


    As a matter of fact, the essence of the astigmatism's reason is inconsistency between the bending of lens surface and cornea, which gives rise to lots of symptoms. The major symptoms of astigmatism are often distortion or blurring of images at all distances, headache as well as fatigue. In addition, for people with astigmatism, they can't see both near and distant without squinting. They have difficulty focusing on printed words and lines, what's worse; sometimes they may even have eye strain. If you and your friends get these symptoms, you might suffer from astigmatism. But these symptoms may not be the exact result of astigmatism; you'd better do an eye exam in consideration of your health.